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Electronic Visual Voice Hooters
Electronic Visual Voice Hooters

Binex introduces first time in India the most Innovative Electronic Visual Voice Hooter with Built in Accept Facility. Low Power Consumption Can be used for TPM, POKE YOKE, KAIZEN & DCS. The only hooter of its kind which gives an audio output and has an visual indication and has a built-in accept facility, thereby saving on the cost of a contactor or relay. It acts as a single window annunciating system. Programmable Timer Hooter with Potential Free O/P’s. Routine Time Announcement System. Also can be controlled wireless. Available in Telephone Ringer, Siren, Musical, Melody, Multi Tone, Single Tone, Wireless and Economical models.

Binex USB / Wi-Fi / IP Electronic Voice Hooters can be controlled directly from your computer, I/P signals by USB. Binex Hooter can be switched...

LED Indicating Lamps - USB / Wi-Fi

LED Indicators (Solid State) manufactured in line with ISO 9001:2000 standards ensures consistent quality and is ideal for control panels (both MCC's and Instrumentation) and machines. Has the dual ability of FLASHING AND GIVING AN AUDIO OUTPUT from a single unit. It is the only product of its kind, which gives you both indications in just 22.5mmØ. Useful for end-of-operation applications, Control desks and also where space is a constraint. Standard legends available are "R", "Y" & "B" for Phase Indication and "ON" & "OFF". Legends of your choice can be custom built for a minimum order quantity of 50 nos.

These flashers when given supply will continuously flash with a 1 sec delay. Apt for control panel applications like "TRIP", "HIGH" & "LOW"...

LED Tower Lamps
LED Tower Lamps - USB, Wi-Fi, IP

Wi-Fi Operated Unidirectional Tower Lamp it can be mounted in 5 Ways from single tower to six towers and more. Built-in flasher & audio output. Voltage avilable from 10 Volts to 230Volt AC/DC. Its ultra bright SMD Led type. It can be mounted in 4 ways. It’s a multi functional tower lamp. Power consumption is 90% less than a filament type lamp the body is made of ABS Plastic Polycarbonate unbreakable lenses.

Binex USB Tower Lamp can be controlled directly from your computer, doesn’t need external power supply. Operates directly on USB...

Tower Lamp Mounting :
Angular Mounting
Base Mounting
Direct Mounting
Stand Mounting 22.5 Ø...

Constitution & Brief History : The Company was formed on the 1st of April 1997. It started of as a Single Product Company and now having diversified into numerous Automation & IOT products catering to the Automation Industries, Control Panel and Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry. Quality : The organization manufactures & supplies robust Industrial products, catering to various types of Industries, for intensive...