ILME Connector Series

We are Authorized Channel Partners, Distributor, Dealer, Importer for C Type, V Type, T Type ILME Connectors from Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Connectors - C, V & T Types Series

The Classic Choice : C-Type Series

Enclosures designed for reliable & durable connections: Stainless Steel Levers, Profiled Gaskets, Wide Range of uses

classic choice connectors
Extra Tough : V-Type Series

Enclosures with vertical closing lever in stainless steel to assure a stable and IP67 waterlight seal

Extra Tough connectors
The High End Plastic Solutions : T-Type Series

Insulated thermoplastic enclosures: Mechanically Robust, Light Weight, Antistatic and Corrosion resistant

Extra Tough connectors

Connectors - COB, ILBRID & CZ7 Series

Functionality Counts : COB Series

For multipole connectors inside cabinets allowing fast mounting and easy wiring control thanks to the tilting mechanism

functionality count connectors
Soft Closing Strong Hold : IL-BRID Series

The perfect combination of stainless steel and thermoplastic material working together, Also available with self-closing covers

soft closing strong hold connectors
Rigid Coupling - CZ7 Series

Insulated thermoplastic enclosures: Mechanically Robust, Light Weight, Antistatic and Corrosion resistant

rigid coupling connector

Connectors - IP68, 1800C & E-Xtreme Series

The Diving Master : IP68 Series

Corrosion proof aluminium enclosures, combining IP68 degree of protection, EMC Shield and high mechanical robustness

diving master connectors
The Heat Shield : 1800C Series

Heat resistant gaskets and coating. Stainless steel levers with aluminim handles, to be used with PPS inserts to withstand temperature up to 1800C

heat shield connector
Protection And Beyond : E-Xtreme® Series

ILME patented titanium plasma protection. Corrosion proof enclosures, resistant up to 3,000 hours in salt spary tests

protection and beyond connectors

Connectors - BIG, EMC & W-TYPE Series

The Space Your Have Always Needed : BIG Series

Plenty of space to allow easy wiring and even the installation of PC Boards inside the hood. The ideal solution for XXL needs.

connectors big series
No Interference : EMC Series

Enclosures with a conductive coating and special conductive EMC gaskets assuring highly effective shield

no interference connectors
A Cornerstone Against Corrosion : W-Type Series

Anticorrosive coating for aggressive environments. Equipped with special gaskets, pegs and stainless steel levers to achieve maximum performance

cornerstone against corrosion connectors

Connectors - Hygienic, LS-Type & HNM Series

Safe For Food : Hygienic Series

Thick and solid thermoplastic enclosures with special gaskets and levers resistant to most used chemicals and cleaning solutions used in the food industry. ECOLAB® approved.

hygienic connectors
On Stage : LS Type Series

Completely black in color, the LS-Type is the ideal solotion for the entertainment industry, designed to house all types of connector inserts

ls type connectors
In And Out : HNM Series

Enclosures and inserts with special antifriction treatment, tested up to 10,000 mating cycles

in and out connectors

Connectors - Central Lever, CK-CKA-MKA & JEI® Series

Easy Access For Robotics : Central Lever Series

Enclosures designed for industrial applications with limited installation space. Easily handling granted by the locking device with a single stainless steel lever.

easy access for robotic connectors
The Most Compact : CK-CKA-MKA Series

Thermoplastic and metalic enclosures in smll size for standard or aggressive enviroments

most compact connectors
The Standard Alternative : JEI® Series

Multiple choice of enclosures for standard applications: Reliable, Robust, Cost-effective solutions to meet conventional needs

standard alternative connectors