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L.E.D indicators dia 22.5mm
Led Bulbs, Busbar indication
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Earth Leakage Relay, Timer
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Jorc Ultrasonic Sensor

Electronic Timer Drains, Motorized Ball Valve Zero Air Lost Drains
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Refrigerant / Ultrasonic / Combustible Gas Leak Detector
Ultrasonic Sensor
Product Overview
Ultrasonic Sensor
TEC - 44
The TEC - 44 MBV Will Successfully remove condensate from deliquescent dryers , tanks , vessels & refrigerater Dryers . The TEC - 44 is designed to remove high viscosity effluentss at pressure rating up to 40 bar.
Ultrasonic Sensor
FOR COMPRESSED AIR FILTERS designed to drain condensate from all compressed air FILTERS regardless of filter capacity. The in-line design allows for fast efficient installation.
The TEC-11 can be matched to any model! brand or type of filter.
EZ - 1
The EZ-1 is produced with a 1/4" valve connection and in 230 VAC or 115 VAC versions. The limited variations have allowed for massive production batches and subsequently a reduction in cost.
The reliability factors have remained in place such as Viton seals, large orifice etc.
Ultrasonic Sensor
The Optimum has a wide range of variations and options such as valve connection sizes in both BSP or NPT
and pressure/Voltage options.
The "new futuristic look" allows the OPTIMUM to make its mark well into the new millennium. The OPTIMUM replaces the very familiar TEC-22 range.
More options are in NICHE products.
The new SMART GUARD PRO drain system uses state-of-the-art software in combination with a special transducer interface to measure the presence of condensate, volumetrically, 50 times per seconds. There is no loss of compressed air. Continuous monitoring ensures fast, effective discharge of up to 350 liters condensate per hour. There are no sensors to foul up and the unit functions equally well with clear water or heavily emulsified and dirty condensate.
Smart Guard Pro
The Nufors removes condensate from compressed air systems. The operation is automatic and there is no unnecessary compressed air lost during the condensate discharge cycle. The NUFORS uses pneumatic forces to operate the valve assembly and is ideally suited in applications where
power is not available, too expensive or not reliable.
The large orifice, combined with the large discharge capacity make this drain suitable for all compressor capacities.
The COMBO is an all-in-one timer drain with an integrated ball valve and strainer. The unit offers true time savings during installation procedures. The valve is protected due to the integrated ball valve and strainer.
The unit can be shut off from the compressed air system enabling easy and safe maintenance work to be carried out.

Air leaks are a concern for anyone operating a compressed air system. The average plant (with no formal leak management program) will have air leaks that waste up to 30 percent of the total air capacity. Leaks will cause compressors to run at full load for longer periods of time. The compressors will not only use more energy but, may also need additional maintenance due to the increased loads. Leaks can give the false impression that additional compressors are required to meet
, the demand for compressed air.

A typical compressed air system will have air losses through pipeline connections, leaking float type drain etc. At the end of the final daily working shift the air-saver will shut off the air tank from rest of the system. The content of the compressed air within the air tank will be saved rather than lost through pipeline leakages. The Air-Saver is installed on the air outlet of the air tank.The Air-Saver can be programmed to automatically OPEN just prior the working shift begin and CLOSE just after the working shift is over.

Air Saver
The PURO is designed to separate oil from condensate that is extracted from compressed air systems. The PURO condensate separator covers
compressor capacities up to 8m'/min. Polypropylene has the perfect
effect on oil. It attracts oil and captures it, almost as if draws oil like a
magnet. That simplicity and our technology are at the root of the PURO's efficiency to clean virtually all types of condensate, emulsified or not. The typical output oil residue value is less than 10 ppm.
All PURO models can accept condensate discharge from intelligent drains, timer drains, float drains and manual drains.

Ball valve strainers available in standard size of 1/4''x1/2'',3/8x1/2'' & 1/2x1/2''(recommended use with all Solenoid operated timer drains)

Ball Valve Strainers