Electronic Visual Voice Hooters

L.E.D indicators dia 22.5mm
Led Bulbs, Busbar indication
L.E.D Push buttons dia 16mm
Signal, Tier Stack lamp
L.E.D Aviation, Beacon Lamp
Oil Tight Machine Lamp
Halogen Machine Lamp
L.E.D Tube Light, Street Light
Earth Leakage Relay, Timer
EMW Flame proof Equipment
L.E.D Rolling, Andon Display
Proximity, Photoelectrical Sensor
SMPS, Printmark Sensor
Hengstler Encoders Counter
CNC Coil Winding Machine
Machine Vision System
Drain Valves, Ultrasonic Sensors
LED Hand Lamps
Multipole Connectors

flame proof CFL hand lamp(220 V Ac/24 V Dc
Fluorescent Safety Hand & Machine Lamp
A standard Fluorescent tube in a rugged /polycarbonate shield housing is inserted in a neoprene rubber cap with hook and handle forming a dust light, water tight seal, Cable Length without sealant.
Cord is inserted in Handle under pressure to complete the seal. Fluorescent tube can be replaced easily without tools. Fluorescent Safety Hand Lamps Provide a wide shadow less area Light output is 4 to 5 times greater than that of an incandescent bulb of similar wattage. They are tested and approved by Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad.

Voltage: 24 V (230 V with isolation transformer)
Wattage: 11/14
Control Gear: Electronic Ballast
Enclosure: Polycarbonate Seamless Tube
Shock Absorber: Neoprene Rubber Caps
Cable: Halogen Free Microbe proof hydrolysis resistant & Flame retardant

Cable Length:15 meters or as required

Input:230 vac 50 hz
Output:12 vac
Current:2 Amp
Electrical Protection: Over Current
Mechanical Protection: IP-67

Isolation Transformer
LED hand lamp light weight with rechargeable battery and stand          
Also available in 6/12/24volt Ac/Dc and with stand
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer