Electronic Visual Voice Hooters

L.E.D indicators dia 22.5mm
Led Bulbs, Busbar indication
L.E.D Push buttons dia 16mm
Signal, Tier Stack lamp
L.E.D Aviation, Beacon Lamp
Oil Tight Machine Lamp
Halogen Machine Lamp
L.E.D Tube Light, Street Light
Earth Leakage Relay, Timer
EMW Flame proof Equipment
L.E.D Rolling, Andon Display
Proximity, Photoelectrical Sensor
SMPS, Printmark Sensor
Hengstler Encoders Counter
CNC Coil Winding Machine
Machine Vision System
Drain Valves, Ultrasonic Sensors
LED Hand Lamps
Multipole Connectors


Halogen Machine Lamps


Halogen Machine Lamps

Quartz Halogen Lamp
The reinforced reflection lense built on luminaire head offords high crack resistance performance as well high lighting efficency which concentrates light on the working object.
Low voltage operation 24V without danger of electric shock.
It offers bulb 70W, efficency w/great light output, soft illuminating without irritating to the eyes.
Furnished with 1.8 meter code without plug
Three models
BC-55L BC-55M BC-55S
(Long arm) (Medium arm) (short arm)

Universal Halogen Lamps

Universal Halogen Lamp (FP-55NT Series (w / transformer)
Universal Halogen Lamp
Totally enclosed lighting head provides well preventation for explosion, dust, coolant, and lubricants.
Coil transformer built in base for directly connect to any voltage of AC power (110V, 220V, 380V..) resisting unstable voltage.
It offers bulb 55W.
Furnished with 1.8 meter code without plug
Three models
(Long arm) (Medium arm) (short arm)
Quartz Halogen Lamp (BC-20F Series) (BC-20FT Series (w / transformer)
GOOSENECK ARM for smooth lighting angle adjustment that lighting could raech any direction
Engineering plastic shade and base provide complete insulation for max. operation safety.
Transformer built in base for directly connect to any voltage of AC power (110V, 220V, 240V, 380V, 415V..) (FP-20FT)
Available with magnetic base as option.
Offers 20 watt bulb.
Complete with 1.8 meter cord. (FP-20FT w/plug)
Gooseneck arm length: 520mm
Quartz Halogen Lamp

Magnifying Fluorescent Work Light

Designed with a MAGNIFYING lense on luminaire head giving 3 times of magnification than actual object.
The fluorescent lighting provides day light effect without flash.
Electronic ballast is built in arm.
110V or 220V single phase operation only.
Furnished with 1.8 meter cord with plug
Offers 22watt fluorescent tube
Magnifying Fluorescent Work Light
Four models
(Long arm)
(Medium arm)
(short arm)